Would you trust a small, plastic hedgehog to guide your business?

June 7, 2021 Anthony Wood Comment(1)

It’s been a year since one of my clients bought ‘Harry’, which represented an a-ha moment for him with the direction of his business.

In our planning meetings, we’d talked about The Hedgehog Concept, which is based on an old parable about a sneaky fox trying all the tricks in the book to catch the hedgehog. But the hedgehog simply rolls up into a ball.

The hedgehog does one thing perfectly: defends itself.

In business terms, the theory goes that you’re either a fox pursuing many different goals, which means you can become unfocused. Or, you’re a hedgehog that plays to your biggest strength.

My client was definitely easily distracted by other business opportunities, but the work we did on the core focus of his business meant he devoted all energy and resources to be brilliant in one area.

One year on, and Covid has impacted his business. Many changes were made, but the core focus remained the same, and the business is in a good place. Harry serves as a reminder that even if the business has to roll up in a ball for a bit, playing to your strengths will pay off in the end.

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One response to “Would you trust a small, plastic hedgehog to guide your business?”

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