What’s the biggest issue in your business right now?

March 7, 2021 Anthony Wood Comment(0)


What’s the biggest issue in your business right now?

1. The people in the organisation aren’t on the same page
2. We’re not tracking the right data to drive the business forward
3. The same issues keep popping up time after time
4. We don’t have the right people in the right seats
5. Our core processes are a bit ‘woolly’, so mistakes are commonplace

Having worked with businesses large and small, I’m sure that at least one of these five areas will be on the list of things that keep you up at night. These are the areas that need to be successfully managed to strengthen any business.

You need the right people buying into the vision, the numbers that matter, problem-solving strategies and a systemised business. The sixth element is Traction, when you bring discipline and accountability into the organisation, taking the vision down to the ground and making it real.

OK, I appreciate that’s a lot to take in, and Rome wasn’t built in a day. However, I’d be more than happy to run you through the six key components and how they relate to your business at one of my free two-hour Boardroom Insights sessions. Click on the link in the comments to book.

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