What is an EOS Implementer?

November 2, 2017 Anthony Wood Comment(0)

EOS Implementers are EOS experts focused on helping clients harness the system and the tools to align the collective wisdom within their companies, gain traction, and achieve a clear, compelling vision shared by all.Since I have made the move from imei, I am regularly asked what’s this Implementer thing I’m doing and is that like a Consultant or a Business coach?

The short answer is yes but not in the traditional sense.

The slightly longer answer is that whilst people tend to lump consultants, coaches & EOS Implementers into the same bucket of people who help businesses, their owners and leadership teams, there are several important differences.

Coaches v Implementer

The best consultants and business coaches are typically expert problem solvers. When something isn’t working in a business, or in its leadership team, they immerse themselves deeply enough to discover a problem and recommend a solution. In many cases, they are then hired to implement that solution. There’s real value in that, and many great business consultants and coaches provide tremendous benefit to business owners and leadership teams.

While EOS Implementers are also expert problem solvers, we work hard to help clients learn to identify, prioritise, and resolve issues on their own. Implementers use a proven system full of simple, practical tools that help leaders strengthen the Six Key Components™ of their business. We are EOS experts only, focused on helping clients harness the system and the tools to align the collective wisdom within their companies, gain traction, and achieve a clear, compelling vision that’s shared by all.

An EOS Implementer acts as a teacher and facilitator, not supplying all the answers. Instead, we tease and cajole them from the business itself.

Both approaches are valuable, you just need to choose which one is right for you.

Connected to a Close-Knit Community

Another important difference is the level of support and connectivity EOS Implementers enjoy. I am a member of a community of like-minded peers committed to the success of our clients, and to help one another become better EOS Implementers. We’re all dedicated to mastering our craft, and we participate regularly in events to learn, share, and grow – and to help fellow EOS Implementers do the same.

In other words, Implementers are colleagues and collaborators – not competitors. When someone gets stuck, he or she can tap into a vast network to get help. Implementers may be working as individuals, but we don’t have to work by ourselves.

And the benefits of community trickle down to clients, as well. Leadership teams get the best wisdom from a whole community of EOS Implementers, not just my perspective.

Using a Proven System

Many business coaches create their own business system of tools from various sources. But because the tools weren’t designed to work together, these systems can be inefficient and clunky, and the client’s business can end up running inefficiently as well.

But EOS Implementers rely on a proven, holistic system that’s simple to use and universal for nearly every organization. I don’t need to invent anything, so I spend less time reinventing the wheel, and more time delivering results.

EOS is a complete set of simple and practical tools that have helped hundreds of Implementers to do their best work for clients. And it has been proven to work in tens of thousands of organisations worldwide.

So if you would like to learn more about the power of engaging with an EOS® Implementer, feel free to contact me.

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