The Art of 5-Minute Segue

November 18, 2020 Dencel Lachica Comment(0)


Have you noticed how some of your clients don’t feel excited when joining a meeting? Perhaps, it’s something they don’t look forward to. They are neither happy nor thrilled about it.  

Well, let me share with you the art of a 5-minute Segue that EOS Tools offer in your L10 Meeting.  

Some may think that Segue is just a waste of time and not necessary at all. But there are actually some good results that this Segue brings! 

 1 MINUTE: Making an Impression

We all know how first impression lasts. This is an important key factor whenever you are closing a deal to a client or for simply having good working relationship with the team. The 5-Minute Segue gives you an opportunity to present your professionalism in terms of work. This is your door on how do you want them to think of you as an individual. It is important to take note on how you present yourself and to let them see your winning traits and strengths. 

2 MINUTES: Sweet-toned Working Environment

Breaking the ice is one of the other factors that Segue brings. It makes the atmosphere a lot lighter and enjoyable. It strengthens the bond between you and the client/employee. This also creates a more comfortable place in a way of notifying the other party that you are open for new ideas or opinions. 

3 MINUTES: Getting to Know You

Assuming that you already made a good impression and have already set a relaxed environment, this is your chance to get to know more about your client/employee which may help you in giving your propositions with the meeting’s agenda. You may either use a personal approach or professional move to do this.  Pay attention on how they take criticism as well and their interests and use it as a secret tool later. 

4 MINUTES:  Establishing Good Rapport

This is the most important phase of your 5-MINUTE Segue. You have to make sure that after taking the first 3 steps, you will end up-building good rapport. When people get to know you and like you, they begin to trust you.  And trust is the fundamental science for any businesses. This is where you start building and developing your relationship. 


5 MINUTES: You Are Ready To Start

Yes, you read it correctly. You are now ready to start to move on to the next level! You can move forward in summarizing the agenda and tackle deeper issues. 

Take this 5-Minute Segue as critical time to set your scheme for the next 85 minutes (or more).  

Want to know more about the other tools of EOS®? Schedule a free 90 Minute Meeting with us today! This session will be of service to see a greater picture of the system and will help you decide whether to move forward with EOS®. 


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