Resist the temptation to be a helicopter parent for your business

March 4, 2020 Marketing Comment(0)

Helicopter Business Owner

Have you ever met a ‘Helicopter Business Owner’? Not literally someone who makes helicopters; I’m talking about the boss who permanently ‘hovers over’ their team and meddles in everything they do.

The same way that a Helicopter Parent swoops down on their kid as soon as they aren’t doing the right thing (as they see it), a company leader like this doesn’t trust their employees to do the right thing either.

The upshot of Heli-bossing is usually low morale and even resentment. People never learn from mistakes and grow into their roles or have the confidence to contribute ideas that will drive the business forward.

Heli-bossing is also exhausting. Like the tired Heli-parent who stays up until 2 am to finish a school science project, they know they’ve taken on too much but are convinced the outcome won’t be perfect without their full commitment.

They might be right, but that’s OK. What you lose in absolute perfection by handing over accountability for some of the major functions in the business, you will gain ten-fold in engagement and output.

In other words, give your people some air space, let them find their wings and your business will soar.

Have you experienced Heli-bossing or are you one? Let me know in the comments below.

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