LinkedIn is fantastic for connecting with people and for education and inspiration, but it can also be a thoroughly demoralising platform if you take everything you see at face value

July 14, 2021 Anthony Wood Comment(0)


This sense of underachievement often happens to my clients as, like the cult of celebrity, the cult of business gives them the impression that everyone else is killing it while they’re struggling. I always tell them to be mindful of the yardsticks they are using to measure success.

Sure, that competitor looks like they can do no wrong, but they’re never going to post, ‘Lost a large account today because of a massive failure in our processes #LiveToFightAnotherDay.’ No, what you see is definitely not what you get.

As you scroll through LinkedIn today, you’ll see a lot of ‘hooray for us’ posts from businesses that are seemingly killing it. You’ll also see a lot of inspirational quotes, and I’m going to add to the list: The grass ALWAYS looks greener on social media.

Do you ever tire of the LinkedIn view of the business world? Let me know in the comments.

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