Is your business a harmonious place to work or a horror show?

March 21, 2021 Anthony Wood Comment(1)

In case you missed it, Harmony Day was yesterday, which celebrates (and seeks to maintain) the ideas of inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians. This got me thinking about harmony in the workplace, and how amazing things can happen when everyone works together towards a common goal. And also how dysfunctional an organisation can become when discord and disagreements become the natural way of things.

I’ve experienced both scenarios, and in each case, the culture was set by the leadership teams and specifically the decisions they made around people.

Toxic atmospheres are caused when you take on people who don’t align with the company’s values or goals. In other words, they’re just picking up a paycheque. As I say to my clients, they need to GWC the seat. Get what’s required, Want to excel in the role and have the Capacity to get things done.

How many of your team GWC their current seat?

Evaluating potential employees with this system is something I cover in my free Boardroom Insights session. Click on the link in the comments to book your place.

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