I’m lucky that my ‘Covid messed up my plans’ story is one of lives inconvenienced rather than lives threatened, but it did shift my perspective on a few things.

March 3, 2022 Anthony Wood Comment(0)

For us, a long-awaited trip to see family in Canada at Christmas ended with a very long wait for a flight home.

To cut a long story short, just before we were due to return, my wife got Covid. Then a few days later, my daughter and I got Covid. And finally, my son took a hit.

We’d been totally focused on getting to Canada but didn’t think about getting Covid at different times, which added a full 15 days onto the trip.

My packed client schedule from mid-January onwards collapsed in a heap. However, it felt like the world had become much more understanding and adaptable in the last two years.

Meetings were Zoomed where possible, others rescheduled and we got on with enjoying some extended time with the family.

So, Covid didn’t really mess up my plans. It just reshaped them, and I get the feeling such a disruption would have been a much bigger drama in a pre-Covid world.

Do you see many upsides to the new normal? Let me know below.

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