How do your health kicks usually end up? Hmm, same here…

March 14, 2021 Anthony Wood Comment(1)

And it was the same story for my client until he downloaded a health and wellness app called Noom. It’s designed to track exercise, calorie intake and all the usual things. However, there are three crucial differences:

1. The app allocates you a coach – a real person
2. Noom is psychology-based; educating you to change the way you think about nutrition and exercise
3. He’s not bored after nine months. Noom has become a way of life

This isn’t an ad for Noom Inc., but I couldn’t help drawing comparisons with my coaching. I guide my clients to think differently about their business and teach them to use a simple set of tools to get the success they want.

When things aren’t going well (both in health and business), something needs to change to get long-term, sustainable results. If you want to get physically fit, try Noom. If you need your business to be healthier, click on the link in the comments to book into one of my free Boardroom Insights sessions.

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One response to “How do your health kicks usually end up? Hmm, same here…”

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    Click here if you’d like to attend a Boardroom Insights session: