Hitting and Breaking Through the Ceiling: 5 Leadership Abilities

February 25, 2019 Marketing Comment(0)


Ever get the feeling that inspite of your best efforts, the things that used to work no longer do? Are you feeling stuck, feeling frustrated, feeling as though there is not enough time in the day?

This may be at a company-wide level with stalled growth. It can be at a department level – sales is working but operationally you are dropping the ball. It can even be at the individual level where the things you were doing last year to generate great results are not working anymore

Congratulations! The good news is that every business faces this challenge. It is inevitable that you are, you have, or you will; hitting the ceiling. There are 3 possible outcomes when faced with this situation:

  1. Bounce off the ceiling, fade away and go out of business. This is what happens to the overwhelming majority businesses. Statistics vary across the global but somewhere between 50% and 80% businesses go out of business in the first 5 years;
  2. Stagnate at your current level. You don’t go out of business, but you also stop growing. The image that comes to mind here is one of a fly buzzing against a window;
  3. Break through the ceiling and move into your next phase of growth

So how you respond to this will determine the future of the business, your department or yourself as a contributing member of the team ( no pressure then!)

Fortunately, there is hope. The way you break through the ceiling is by mastering the following five leadership abilities:

  1. your ability to SIMPLIFY – eliminating complexity and reducing everything to the essential.
  2. your ability to DELEGATE – freeing and elevating yourself to do what you do best and doing the same for every person in your organisation.
  3. your ability to PREDICT – choosing the right path, long-term and short-term.
  4. your ability to SYSTEMISE – documenting and getting everyone to follow the essential procedural steps in your company’s core processes.
  5. your ability to STRUCTURE – defining and organising the “seats” or positions in your organisation to reduce complexity and increase clarity, communication and accountability.

When the dust settles from all that’s been written and discussed about leadership tips, leadership competencies and leadership effectiveness, these five skills or abilities will remain as being most necessary. Focus on these and you will break through the ceiling and see your company advance to the next level.

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I would love to hear about when you have hit the ceiling and what you did to break through in the comments section below.

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