Don’t document everything you do – nobody cares!

March 17, 2020 Cool Runnings Comment(0)

nobody cares

Have you got a big ol’ manual that documents each of the core processes of your business in great detail?

If so, rip it up. Set fire to it. Or even use it for toilet paper – because nobody cares, and nobody is following it.

When I begin working with my clients, they either have overly detailed operating procedures or none written down at all.

In scenario 1, the processes are too complex or tedious to follow correctly. Scenario 2 has people pushing the boundaries of rough guidelines to do whatever they want.

Number 1 is like a pilot going through a three hour, 1,000-point pre-flight checklist. Whereas in 2 the pilot jumps in the cockpit and immediately taking to the skies. Neither situation leads to great customer experience.

So, I work with my clients to identify and document 20% of the high-level steps that get them 80% of the results. These core processes become easy to follow, and your customers get a consistently good experience every time.

Do you have your core processes written down or are they in your head? Let me know in the comments.

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