Do you wear busy as a badge of honour? 

June 23, 2021 Anthony Wood Comment(1)

One of my clients loved to tell everyone how busy he was all the time to show off that his business was killing it. He didn’t have a spare second in the day to give up and was constantly juggling five things at once.

Then two things happened.

1) People stopped using his services because they were worried he was overwhelmed and might make mistakes.
2) He missed out on some pretty significant family milestone moments.

I was able to work with him to turn things around but I always worry when business owners confuse busyness with productivity and assume that success only comes with stress.

If that sounds like you, then please come along to one of my Boardroom Insights sessions (link in comments). I run them both in the room and on Zoom and they’re only two hours long. It will have a significant impact on your business, so please don’t say you’re too busy…

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One response to “Do you wear busy as a badge of honour? ”

  1. Dencel Lachica says:

    Click here if you’d like to attend a Live Boardroom Insights session:

    If you can’t make it into Sydney CBD, here’s the link to the Virtual session on different dates: