Do you get a daily reminder of your long-term business goals?

November 8, 2020 Anthony Wood Comment(1)

On Friday, a client called me excitedly to say they’d laminated their two-page business plan (something I call a Vision/Traction Organiser or VTO) and was using it as a bookmark in their daily to-do list diary. They figured they would see the VTO every day, and it would remind them to keep on track to achieve their goals.

Another has a small hedgehog on their desk to remind them of The Hedgehog Concept and to play to their strengths (see my previous post in comments). Other clients have developed vision boards, which contain a collection of images that represent their goals – perfect house, boat, holiday, etc.

These are all fantastic tools to help you stay focused on the bigger picture – as long as you find a way to reference them actively and make sure they form an active part of your vision. Share your VTO with your team, regularly explain the hedgehog concept and keep refreshing the vision board.

Otherwise, all you’ll have is an oversized bookmark, a bunch of nice pics and a plastic hedgehog cluttering up your desk.

How do you remind yourself of your vision and goals? Let me know in the comments.

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