3 Keys to Building A Culture of Resolve

February 14, 2018 Anthony Wood Comment(0)
Build a culture of resolve in your organisation
Build a culture of resolve in your organisation- that is, build capability to address daily challenges and find a way to keep moving forward.

When you see the word, Resolve, do you think New Year resolutions (how are you going with yours by the way?) or a commitment to doing what needs to be done day in day out?

You could say that Resolve is the unsexy sibling of Resilience. Resilience gets called on when the going gets tough or something significantly negative happens. Lots of noise is made about being resilient. It is commonly called on as a company value when businesses are going through major change.

Resolve, however, is about building a capability to address daily challenges and find a way to keep moving forward. Nothing flashy or newsworthy, just making sure stuff gets done. Often seen as an individual trait, how do you create resolve across an entire organisation?

Right people

Not surprisingly, this starts with individuals who are prepared to keep showing up, who themselves are able to handle everyday challenges and are ready to be steadfast in their support of the Vision of the business.

When people know what they are working for and how they are making an impact on the business, this fuels their tenacity. Are you able to say that everyone in your team, division, company is crystal clear on the vision of the business? Do they understand the company values and see them in use every day? If so, this strengthens their resolve and their belief in what they are doing.

Solving Issues

This then leads to needing avenues to be able to address and solve the workday challenges that the team faces. By addressing head-on, the root cause of these challenges, your staff can confront and solve these issues, putting them to bed and moving on to the next thing. Identify, Discuss & Solve is a 3-step formula for setting them up and knocking them down.

Utilising Process

Which brings us to creating the right processes, robust enough to handle a flow of varying requirements from your clients, staff & partners but also flexible enough to be able to adapt when needed. Having the right depth of processes (aim for 20% of the processes that cover 80% of the things you do) simplifies the things your team needs to understand to deliver, day in day out.



By getting these 3 keys in place, you will go a long way to creating a culture of Resolve, laying the foundation for your business to keep on growing, regardless of the environment in which you operate.

  1. Clear company vision shared by all;
  2. Capability to identify & solve the short-term issues;
  3. Robust processes that provide clarity on how to get things done

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